Eliminate the wasted time with back-and-forth trips for unexpected tools and materials. With the ToolDrive, you are locked and loaded and ready for any job that might come your way. And when you make the tools drivable, you don’t need costly vehicles to move them around. Runs all day on a shift and reduces wasted time getting you and your things to the next job site.


* Carries heavy objects, so you don’t have to

* Supports modular attachments for multiple applications

* Less intrusive than noisy pushcarts or bulky golf-carts

* Intuitive joystick control for easy operation

* Turns on-a-dime

* Adjustable speed for outside efficiency

* Operates all day on one charge

* Fits in passenger elevator

* Carries everything needed and the professional

* Eliminates wasted time for back-and-forth trips.

* Lockable drawers and cabinet for secure storage.

* Increases worker-preparedness by always being loaded and ready to go

* Runs all day on a single charge

* Compact design for entering doorways and elevators

* Easily maneuverable within crowded or narrow spaces

* Improves professional image with futuristic look and increased efficiency

* Eliminates timely trips back to the storage closet for more supplies

* Adjustable speed settings and rubber bumpers, for improved indoor activity.

* Reduces wear-and-tear on employees

*Saves energy for productive work

* Lockable storage for keeping valuables safe

* Easy-to-understand controls for minimal training/low barrier of entry

BedDrive Attachment moves complete bedding systems in 1 trip

QuickConnect Track for Milwaukee Pack Out ™ organization systems

DriveLight System for those early mornings or late nights

SafetyPac Flashers and Beepers for high density pedestrian environments

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